Building Technology for the Bag industry


What technologies do we provide?

Get Notified

Get notified when you have an incoming call or notifications

Get Noticed

Make sure you get noticed in traffic to ensure your and others safety

Get Powered

Never run out of power on your devices while on the move

Get insight

Make sure you have the best insight as a bag manufacturer how your bags are sold and used

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About Mark Two Bags

We are making the technology for the bag industry
Seen when needed,
reached when needed

We want to enable technology that are available in some areas to new areas. Synergy of technology and design is what we aim for. You will be seen when needed, reached when needed and powered when needed.


We are the ones making the next generation of bags
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Marcus Hansson

Mobile: +46707405020
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Markus Agevik

Mobile: +46703446482

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